Cajal NeuroKit course combines online lectures about fundamentals and advanced neuroscience topics with hands-on and physical experiments.

NAD offers instructors for the hands-on session, and a venue to watch the lectures with an expert scientist.

Any data we collect has been shaped by the system we used to record it. Understanding the tools involved in data acquisition gives you the confidence to make informed experimental design choices, and the freedom to combine and try new approaches while building your dream setup.

In this course, we will develop your understanding of electrophysiology data acquisition. In terms of hardware, you will learn how acquisition systems can amplify tiny signals and filter out noise. You’ll test this understanding by building your own system to measure muscle and heart signals. In software, you will encounter synchronisation considerations, as we add incoming datastreams and build an increasingly complex experimental design.

Don’t be discouraged if you secretly panic at the mention of capacitance, this course starts from the very basics. Advanced students can make the final project as challenging as they like.

Designed by Open Ephys and Open Ephys Production Site, this course will have an open-source flavour and encourage you to try new ideas, share your insights, and connect with the open-source community.

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June 7-10 2022

Place: Faculty Club 16.6.31/35Time On-line lectures in the morning / hands-on in the afternoon (3-4 hours)Other info: 4 consecutive daysCourse in Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg will be announced (sign up to express your interest)

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