Dear Neuroscientist

Thank you everyone for contributing to the Neuroscience Academy Denmark (NAD) research columns 2022 (1st round)

We have received proposals for 25 columns, with the participation of 341 scientists.

The columns have been reduced to seven overall topics, that will be introduced to the first generation of NAD PhD Fellows.

You are now invited to register with NAD in order to join the column(s) of your choice (you can register for two columns, a primary and a secondary). Your choice is independent of your original participation in column proposals – please choose the column(s) align(s) best with your research interest!

We kindly ask you to fill in this form

This information is an opportunity to present you and your research. The information that you can enter is limited, so please be brief and concise – you can provide a link to your own website where you can have more information.

The registration form should be straightforward and only take very little of your time. The most complex information we ask for is 250 characters about your primary research and methods, and a few words about the lab rotation that you can offer.

You will be presented under the primary research column you select (see them all Each column includes a presentation + the column speakers. A second choice of research column is optional and only your name will be listed in the secondary column.

In addition to the individual presentation of PIs, a link to the Department and Centres (drawn from your submission) will also be visible at NAD’s website.

The call for applications for NAD fellows (the prospective PhD-students) will open in week 26, and close August 22. We realise this is short notice, but please reach out to anybody you know, who might be a good match for NAD.

The evaluation process will start immediately after the deadline and we expect it completed and contracts ready to be signed primo October. Thereafter lab rotations will be planned and NAD Fellows will start primo January 2023.

Kind regards,

Nicolas C. Petersen, Executive Director
Jakob B. Sørensen, Scientific Director


Statistics 2022 – Research proposals

No of Columns: 25

No of Researchers: 341

No of Institutions: 18

No of Departments/Centres 60+