Call for Education and Training Committee Members

NAD is looking for scientists interested in shaping NAD’s educational and training activities. The committee will be composed of the NAD Scientific Board and NAD members approved and appointed by the NAD Governing Board, and the committee will meet twice annually.

The deadline for applications is April 14. Read more and apply below.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Establish, plan and coordinate education and training activities for the broader NAD community
  • Develop courses for the NAD fellow prePhD year
  • Develop PhD courses to expand the currently available course catalogue
  • Process input and proposals from the NAD research columns and were necessary form sub-committees for the planning and execution of individual activities


The committee will be composed of NAD Scientific Board and NAD members with competencies and expertise in one or more of the following:

  • Research within neuroscience and related fields
  • Clinical expertise in neurology, psychiatry and related fields
  • Education, early career talent development (development, organization and planning)
  • Pedagogical learning methods, including integration of online and digital learning tools
  • Networking, nationally and internationally
  • Life science industry, namely requested competencies and transferable skills

Education and training activities should, where possible, reflect the emphasized focus on interdisciplinarity and translationality in NAD, but may also be highly specific in nature.

Ordinary NAD members are elected for two years, and can be extended for one year at the time.


The committee will meet at least twice annually.

General Agenda Education and Training Meeting 

  1. General Status (Chair ETC)
  2. Changes to Board and/or Committees
  3. Status Educational and Training Programme
  4. Initiatives
  5. Incoming proposals
  6. Any other business


Apply by sending an email to with a short motivation statement, a few lines about your areas of expertise, and your research area.

For further information, please contact Executive Director Nicolas Petersen.

Application deadline: April 14

Download call as a PDF