Call for Early Career NAD Members to Contribute to NAD Fellow Course ‘Data Acquisition and Analysis’

We are looking for early career scientists who wish to contribute to the NAD fellow course ‘Data acquisition and analysis’ taking place fall of 2024. This is a great opportunity to get teaching experience within a topic you are intimately familiar with!


The course aims to give students insight into the process of data acquisition and analysis associated with different techniques and data modalities. Each topic (data type/technique) can be covered by one or more lecturers/demonstrators and can include one or more experimental approaches to a given data type.
Students should gain an appreciation for the utility of the data type with respect to answering scientific questions, as well as an understanding of how good data is generated and how this in turn generates meaningful results through analysis tools and approaches.

Ideal module format

Each module should aim to cover the below aspects and can be run as a combination of lecturing, demonstration/mock data handling and guided group work.

  • Background lecture covering the technique(s) in question, the data modality and its utility in answering scientific questions
  • Hands on practice with data acquisition or handling of mock dataset; e.g. extracting data from raw images, traces or similar
  • Troubleshooting
  • Analysis tools/approaches
Proposed data types/techniques
  • Electrophysiology (various levels: neuron, population, EEG)
  • Omics
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Behavioural assessment (animal)
  • Physiological imaging (fMRI, PET)
  • Computational modeling

Course set to run week 48/49.
Each topic covering approximately 1 day, e.g. 10-16
Deadline for expression of interest: June 17


For expression of interest or to hear more about the format, contact Education Manager, Kathrine Bjerregaard Nielsen.

Call deadline
July 17

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