Call for Organising Committee Members for National PhD Course in Advanced Neuroscience

Want to help shape the first national NAD PhD course in Advanced Neuroscience?

Neuroscience Academy Denmark is looking for members of the organizing committee for the first NAD national PhD course in Advanced Neuroscience.

The Advanced Neuroscience courses aim to establish understanding and insight at an advanced level within a range of topics for neuroscience PhD students across the Danish universities. The courses are intended as an annually recurring event, rotating between three overarching topics. The idea is that PhD students by taking the three courses will gain an overview of contemporary neuroscience, thereby fostering their identity as neuroscientists. In addition, the courses will create networking opportunities between neuroscience communities at different Danish universities.

The three topics are:

  • Molecular, cellular and synaptic properties of brain function
  • Sensory processing, generation of movement and homeostatic control
  • Higher brain functions: learning, memory, language and cognition

We are looking for established researchers with experience in the topic ‘Molecular, cellular and synaptic properties of the brain’ who wish to take a leading role in shaping course content and identifying relevant speakers for the first course, to take place in Spring 2025. Members will not be required to (but may) commit teaching resources themselves.

To apply to become a member of the organizing committee, please send us an email listing your name, position and research interests. Members will be appointed by the NAD Education and Training Committee.



Call deadline
May 13 2024

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