Call for Speakers: NAD Fellow Course ‘Translational Neuroscience’ 2024

With a new cohort of NAD fellows to start on January 1, 2024, we are launching a call for speakers for the first NAD fellow course, Translational Neuroscience.

Each module will center on a neuroscience topic (function/disorder/disease) and include 3-4 speakers each with expertise in different model systems and approaches used to investigate this topic. Each speaker will cover their approach as well as the underlying systems/mechanisms necessary to contextualize it, drawing links to the overarching topic and how the approach advances knowledge of human health/disease. Detailed info on the framework and desired course content can be found here.

This is an opportunity for speakers to interact with and present central aspects of their work to the 2024 NAD fellows. Contributions from senior as well as junior researchers are welcome. If you are interested in contributing to this course either as an individual or as a group on a particular topic, please contact Education Manager Kathrine Bjerregaard Nielsen here.

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