Thank you all for submitting and expressing interest in the NAD initiative. We have received 25 column proposals with the participation of 341 individual scientists. We have considered the overlap between the proposals, and have condensed 25 down to 7.

Below you find the seven topics in neuroscience that (with a number of compromises) represent neuroscience research done and based in Denmark.

Everyone who has contributed in the first round of Research Column submissions should be able to find their research represented within these topics.

Please note that this is not a thorough mapping of Danish neuroscience, but it is used to present Danish neuroscientists to some of the most excellent candidates who wish pursue a career in neuroscience.

For each column there is a speaker and co-speaker, these have been invited to take these columns. There is a short description of the column made by the speakers. The members (You) will be represented by city/institution with name, email, a two-liner about your research and research interests, a link to your lab webpage (here you can have a thorough presentation of the lab), up to two staff members, up to three keywords, the kind of research (molecular/cellular/rodent/human) and finally a few words of what the candidate can expect during the labrotation.

Please note that only PI’s with own lab will be presented in call for NAD PhD Fellows, this automatically includes professors and associate professors. Assistant professor or postdocs with own funding, staff and lab facilities will also be included, if funding source is stated.

The call will open in week 25 2022, we therefore encourage you to fill in this form as soon as possible, that said we accept and will include later submission.

To your information the application deadline for NAD Fellows will be August 22.

Aalborg University

Aarhus University

University of Copenhagen

University of Southern Denmark