Putting Your Lab on the Map

NAD Connect boosts your lab's visibility to NAD fellows, students and potential collaborators, offering an overview of the Danish neuroscience community's labs and scientists.

The Danish neuroscience community is broad and wide-ranging, encompassing more than 200 research labs within a variety of disciplines. With NAD Connect, NAD’s interactive networking platform targeted at Danish neuroscientists at all levels, it is simple and easy to get an overview of the Danish neuroscience landscape and get connected to the exciting research conducted around the country.

Who can use NAD Connect?

NAD Connect provides features relevant to active Danish neuroscience researchers – from student to professor level – as well as potential applicants for NAD PhD fellowships and others looking for an overview of Danish neuroscience.

NAD Connect for PI’s: Visibility is Key

Making your research lab visible through NAD Connect and its more than 300 members serves a number of purposes.

  • It makes your lab attractive and easy to find for NAD fellows. NAD Connect is the primary tool used by NAD fellows to scope out potential rotation labs, so spending 5 minutes on updating your profile increases your odds of being contacted by an NAD fellow.
  • It is a great tool to present your lab to other young researchers, for example master’s students looking for a place to do their master’s thesis project or early career researchers exploring options for future positions.
  • It serves as an ideal way to communicate your lab’s research scope to potential collaborators around the country by putting yourself on the Danish neuroscience map (literally – you can view a map of labs and institutions in Denmark here). Who knows – it might pave the way for a collaboration you had not thought of pursuing before!

If you already have a profile, login here and access the profile editor in the upper right hand corner to edit your profile (or use this direct link). If you are new to NAD, apply to join NAD Connect here.

NAD Connect for students, early career researchers and applicants for NAD PhD fellowships

Maybe you are still new to the Danish neuroscience environment – or maybe you are considering applying for an NAD fellowship and interested to explore what possibilities Danish neuroscience holds. Either way, NAD Connect provides you with a searchable and comprehensive overview of neuroscience research labs in Denmark. You can easily access the database – no login required. Browse labs and scientists and filter by institutions, research keywords and more here.

Labs are divided into seven thematic Research Columns, representing overarching research topics. Within each column, members are listed according to their supervisor and lab host privileges. If you are looking for labs within a general topic, this overview might be useful to you. Find an overview of the Research Columns here.

If you are a student or early career scientist within neuroscience based in Denmark, consider joining NAD Connect to get access to all networking features and receive invitations to NAD events and activities  – apply to join here (free and easy).

NAD Connect Features

Searchable overview of Danish neuroscience

Neuroscience map

PhD course database

Symposia, talks and other events

Job opportunities

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