Visions for NAD: A Recap of the Research Column Session on January 6

On January 6 2023, members of the NAD Research Columns gathered for a brainstorming session on how to develop NAD activities and elevate Danish neuroscience.

The brainstorming session was one step in an ongoing process to develop and continuously strengthen the Danish neuroscience environment through joint educational and training activities facilitated by NAD.

Some discussions revolved around the Research Column structure and its utility versus its challenges. All agreed that, while a structure is needed, the columns should not be seen as a restrictive measure, but more so a mapping of primary research interests.

Interest groups could be formed within or indeed across columns to organize educational activities or facilitate collaborations. Columns should endeavor not to conceal topics or the interdisciplinarity they comprise. As such, Research Column members and speakers should continue to discuss how to best present their column at large.

The majority of participants agreed that the main priority for NAD should be building bridges and strengthening networks geographically as well as topically through facilitation of networking events and information sharing (on, e.g., job opportunities for junior scientists, PhD courses, projects and collaborations). Special emphasis was put on strengthening the synergies between basic and clinical neuroscience.

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