The Scientific Board (SB) will take an active role in the evaluation and selection of candidates for NAD Fellowships. The members of the SB will take part in the development of PhD courses and they will have responsibilities to align the scientific content of the pre-PhD year. Each SB member is the local contact and has responsibilities to facilitate the engagement of their local scientific community.

Jakob Balslev Sørensen

Jakob Balslev SørensenScientific Director

Department of Neuroscience
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
University of Copenhagen

Åsa Fex Svenningsen

Åsa Fex SvenningsenScientific Officer

Associate Professor
Department of Molecular Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Southern Denmark

Mai Marie Holm

Mai Marie HolmScientific Officer

Associate Professor
Department of Biomedicine
Faculty of Health
Aarhus University

Carsten Dahl Mørch

Carsten Dahl MørchScientific Officer

Associate Professor
Department of Health Science and Technology
Faculty of Medicine
Aalborg University